Five Interesting Facts Your Mattress Holds A Mystery

Your mattress does more than occupy your bed frame. It is responsible for ensuring that you get a good night’s rest. Getting the right mattress depends on your personal preferences. Some like their mattress firm while others prefer a softer sort of feel. Of course, it also depends on a person’s budget. Whether you get the cheapest mattress on the market or go for a more expensive variety, here are a few things you should know about these wonderful creations.

Your Mattress Gains Weight

Mattresses pick up a lot of foreign material. You shed a lot of skin when you sleep, debris is bound to get in it, and dust mites often invade. Over a period of ten years, you can expect a mattress to gain roughly ten pounds. Let’s look at what this extra weight does.

-Harder To Carry

Since your mattress is made heavier by all this foreign material, you can expect it to be heavier than a mattress that’s brand new. This means that it may be harder to transport than one of a different variety.

-More Allergens And Germs

As your mattress collects foreign bodies it becomes polluted with germs that might make you sick. The bacteria on a mattress can also increase acne.

Bugs Galore

Your bed has a lot more dust mites than you think. These little critters are occupying the entire thing! The average bed contains 6 billion critters in it. Don’t be discouraged. It’s easy to reduce the amount by regularly replacing your mattress or using a mattress protector. Some even find a way to vacuum their mattress.

Lower Back Pain: Ouch!

Don’t use that old mattress with the worn out springs. They are the number one cause of back pain in the United States. Instead of spending all that money on a fancy massage to get rid of it, simply replace the mattress instead. It’s the right thing to do for your back. Don’t end up in a chiropractor’s office.

That’s A Lot Of Dead Skin

How many skin cells do you think an eight-year-old mattress contains? The number is around 10 pounds. That’s a lot of dead skin. You should probably use a mattress protector or shower well before hopping into bed. Even if you are clean, our skin is going to renew itself. This means you won’t be immune to this problem.

Most Don’t Wash Their Bed-Sheets As Often As They Should

Experts say you should wash your bed-sheets once a week. That’s not what people are doing though. Most folks out there are proclaiming that they only wash their bed-sheets every two to three months. Of course, you’re not like that though.

Is There Anything Left To Know?

From these tidbits of knowledge, it’s easy to tell that you should keep up with the hygiene of your mattress. It should be replaced every ten years or so. A mattress protector isn’t a bad touch either. I know you’ll do the right thing and take care of your mattress well.